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We here at The Obsidian Legion welcome you. We are a PvX guild on StormBluff Isle Server with an emphasis on WvW. We began in Guild Wars as a group of friends and quickly grew to being a top guild. We worked our way up into being in the top Luxon alliance, as we progressed we moved into GvG. At our peak we were among the top 100. Now in Guild Wars 2 we plan to again be a top guild and be recognized throughout our server. We ask that all our members are dedicated an active in the guild. We have various ranks that members may earn, all members begin as recruits and are placed into appropriate ranks.

Elder: Members who have been with us the longest and are the most dedicated. Most of these members came with us from Guild Wars 1. Elders are Co-leaders of the guild and have as much authority as the Guild leader.

Centurion: Members who have shown much dedication towards the guild, in such regards as recruiting, claiming bases in WvW, being active and helpful, and donating to guild storage. These members are our officers.

General:  Trusted members of the guild who represent The Obsidian Legion majority of the time, they have been dedicated and earned this title to be recognized above common members. These members act as eyes and ears for our guild.

Legionnaire: Valuable members of The Obsidian Legion who have been recognized as great assets to the guild. These members gain influence, deposit in guild storage and are active and friendly in the guild.

Soldier: Members who represent The Obsidian Legion part time, and still show dedication. Although these members may represent other guilds they are still active in the Legion.

Wish to Join the Legion?

Moving up the ranks:
Moving up in ranks is simple. We look for dedicated members who are assets to the guild, not leeches! We like to see members recruit, be active and helpful in the guild, and promote The Obsidian Legion. Members wishing to be officers will have to go above and beyond the call. This means doing everything possible to help the legion.

About your leader:
Hello, My name is Chad ign: Captain Oakheart. I founded The Obsidian Legion along with the Elders Tav ign: Centime Bombadil, Jack ign: Jacque De La Morte, and Justin ign: Atomic Reactor. I, myself, have various years of MMO experience. My first MMO was FFXI in which I played for around 5 years and ran a Linkshell (guild) for three. Then Guild Wars 1 in which we all played together for around 6 years and ran The Obsidian Legion. I have had various other experience such as; Aion, WoW, FFXIV, LOTRO, DDO, and others. I run guilds because i enjoy creating and running a community in which our members can thrive.

Any other questions?
Please feel free to post in our threads or talk to us in game


Baldar Obsidian a posted Sep 3, 12

With the new Guild Influence system in Guild Wars 2 We want as many active members as we can get. We ask you to please help us in recruiting more members for our Guild! Any member who shows dedication to The Obsidian Legion and brings in more active members will be promoted to officer! Good Luck and let the recruiting begin!
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Beta Weekend 1

Baldar Obsidian a posted Apr 30, 12

Beta Weekend!

Glad every1 could join us for the first beta. The Obsidian Legion had a great start to GW2. By the end of the Beta we had accumulated 1000 influence points! Great job guys. We are excited to continue to grow and participate in future Betas then hit the release strong!
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